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Sprinkler Systems in Wales

Fire Sprinkler Systems

We design, install and commission domestic and residential sprinkler systems into new properties and properties that are being extended or renovated. Domestic Specialist Services operates in and around Swansea and South Wales supplying fire sprinkler systems. New builds in South Wales will soon require sprinkler systems to be installed and designed as part of the building regulation approval of the property. At Domestic Specialist Services we offer the services of designing, installing and commissioning this system for you. We will also carry out the hydraulic calculations for the sprinkler system. All of our installations are carried out to BS 9251. We also carry out yearly checks that are a requirement for fire safety sprinkler systems

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Residential Sprinkler Systems

The effectiveness of our residential sprinkler systems is second to none as we use the finest materials sourced from specialised sprinkler system suppliers in the UK. At Domestic Specialist Services we offer an excellent aftercare service where we will ensure that your sprinklers are maintained on a regular basis in view of the safety guidelines. Residential sprinklers save lives. Statistics show that sprinklers systems are extremely beneficial and help prevent fire deaths in Wales and the UK.

Residential care homes, hostels, houses, social housing and similar properties all offer clear arguments to show that fire sprinkler systems offer the best possible chance of preventing casualties and deaths in a fire.

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Domestic Sprinklers

At Domestic Specialist Services we design, install and commission fire sprinkler systems in Swansea & Wales to BS 9251. We offer a free quotation for all of your residential & domestic sprinklers.

If you can detect a fire at it one of it’s earlier stages then it is quite surprising how easy it is to put out using a small amount of water. Unfortunately if a fire is left to grow, then it will become unmanageable after 2-3 minutes.

The earlier you can catch a fire the better, this is why domestic fire sprinkler systems are seen as the leading marker in fire safety as this will help prevent water damage and smoke inhalation.

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Domestic Specialist Services also offer plumbing repairs, boiler repairs, central heating checks and 24 hour emergency plumbing in Swansea and South Wales.

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