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Fire Sprinkler Systems


Sprinkler Systems Swansea

We design, install and commission domestic and residential sprinkler systems into new properties and properties that are being extended or renovated. Domestic Specialist Services operates in and around Swansea and South Wales supplying fire sprinkler systems. New builds in South Wales now require sprinkler systems to be installed and designed as part of the building regulation approval of the property. At Domestic Specialist Services we offer the services of designing, installing and commissioning this system for you. We will also carry out the hydraulic calculations for the sprinkler system. All of our installations are carried out to BS 9251:2014. We also carry out yearly checks that are a requirement for fire safety sprinkler systems


Residential Sprinkler Systems in Swansea, South Wales

Residential Sprinkler Systems in Swansea, South Wales


BS 9251 Summary

Sprinkler systems will be designed, installed and positioned to be activated as soon as a fire is detected at it’s earliest stage. It will then trigger an alarm which will then in turn start extinguishing the fire which allows valuable time for any occupants of the domestic or residential establishment to escape safely.

The BS 9251:2014 provides the following recommendations for materials, installation, design, water supply and maintenance of sprinkler systems installed into domestic and residential properties such as houses, flats & nursing homes. The BS 9251 is a standard that sprinkler systems are a vital part of a fire safety system.

If you’d like to read more on the BS 9251:2014 then please visit BAFSA for more details.


Sprinkler Systems Swansea – South Wales

At Domestic Specialist Services we specialise in the installation of sprinkler systems in domestic and residential properties in Swansea and South Wales. If you want to find out more information then you can either contact us at info@domestic-specialist-services.co.uk or you can visit our Facebook page below for more images and updates.

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