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Fire Sprinkler Systems Wales 

Why do we need fire sprinkler systems?

Fires are often large and fast moving, meaning that in the panic people may become disorientated and not know of where the appropriate fire safety equipment is located. With the sprinkler systems we install at Domestic Specialist Services, they are 100% automatic. This means that they can help prevent people from becoming stranded due to the intense heat and smoke caused from fires.


How do we know sprinkler systems will activate in a fire?

At Domestic Specialist Services we install the simplest of sprinkler systems to ensure that the risk of failing parts & mechanics is minimal. Our fire sprinklers are flowing with water from the mains meaning that once the fire has been sensed due to the heat, they actuate automatically and release the water  to suppress the fire. With the sprinkler system we install it will be commissioned and live, ready to be activated when a fire is detected to suppress the fire until the emergency services arrive.


What about the water damage caused by sprinklers?


We often see exaggerated accounts of water damage in fire damaged buildings. With the Domestic Specialist Services Swansea sprinkler system, only the sprinklers that are directly affected by the fire will open. Our system detects the location of the fire and determines which sprinklers need to be active. It is extremely uncommon to hear of a accidental sprinkler opening without a fire being detected in it’s proximity. When a sprinkler does operate it might cause water damage to a property but reduces the structural damage dramatically.

It’s been said that fireman can use up to 10,000 times more water using hoses compared to the sprinkler system we use which will do exactly the same job. The great thing with our sprinkler system is you do not have to wait for the firemen to turn up.

Having a fire sprinkler system installed could potentially save a complete building, it’s contents and hopefully lives. Installing sprinklers is a small price to pay when you think of the devastation a fire could cause before the emergency services arrive.


Do your sprinkler systems help the after effects of smoke?

In serious fire cases, smoke is the main cause of death and that is why with a sprinkler system the sprinklers wash away the large particles from smoke so it reduces the toxicity and density. As smoke is also hot the sprinklers water works on cooling down the smoke it is less harmful.

With our sprinklers they aim to act quickly and attack a fire at it’s earliest stage of growth. A tactic of attacking the fire fast helps to drastically reduce the amount of smoke a fire can produce.


Is their a life safety record for sprinkler systems?

According to statistics their are only 50 deaths in buildings fitted with fire sprinkler systems worldwide compared to the thousands with unprotected buildings. There have never been multiple casualties in buildings installed with full sprinkler systems in the United Kingdom.


How much are sprinklers?

There are a number of factors to consider for the installation of sprinkler systems in Wales. Water supply efficiency, what is stored in your building, what the building is made of etc. all factor in to the cost of a sprinkler system.


Sprinklers aren’t very appealing to the eye though surely?

Due to modern day architects, the newest sprinklers are compact and in most public buildings people are usually unaware that a sprinkler system is even installed. We understand the need for them to be hidden in offices, shops, hospitals, museums and hotels therefore we try our best to install them so they are discreetly hidden behind flush plates.