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Residential Sprinklers

Residential Sprinkler Systems in Swansea, Wales – 

The effectiveness of our residential sprinkler systems is second to none as we use the finest materials sourced from specialised sprinkler system suppliers in Wales. At Domestic Specialist Services we offer an excellent aftercare service where we will ensure that your sprinklers are maintained on a regular basis in view of the safety guidelines. Residential sprinklers save lives. Statistics show that sprinklers systems are extremely beneficial and help prevent fire deaths in Wales and the UK.

Residential care homes, hostels, houses, social housing and similar properties all offer clear arguments to show that fire sprinkler systems offer the best possible chance of preventing casualties and deaths in a fire.

With residential properties in Wales, it has been made clear that young children, the elderly, people with disabilities and drug & alcohol abusers are the most vulnerable members of the community when fires occur. Sprinkler systems can actually prevent deaths and casualties due to their facility to detect a fire in it’s earliest stages.

It has been widely acknowledged that smoke alarms and fire detection systems save roughly eighty to one hundred lives each year in the UK alone. This figure is very unlikely to improve but with a fire sprinkler system you increase your chances of evacuating the premises as quickly as possible.

At Domestic Specialist Solutions Swansea we take immense pride in the work we carry out in Wales to ensure that our sprinkler systems help save lives. So why not contact us today for a free no obligation quote today so we can see what we can do for you.


In Wales, the Welsh Assembly installed a new regulation stating that from late 2013 that residential sprinkler systems must be installed in every new build. This will help prevent the likeliness of casualties by using high quality fire safety systems.


If you’re unsure if you need a residential  sprinkler system installed then please contact us today with your details.


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